I want to run

what a bad surprise now,
i can´t disguise now,
i´m going deep deep down,
i keep on losing ground,
my restless thoughts are messing around
it´s the same old story,
i´ve heard a thousand times - so far we´ve come
now you are gone - can i get it alone?.

i want to run - try to find my way
go - and leave it all behind of me
i don´t wanna lose this nasty fight,
but where´s the guiding light,
still i´m stumbling around
yes i want run - try to find my way,
so i go and leave it all behind of me,
i don´t wanna lose but where do i belong,
there´s no guiding light for me

all the gorgeous moments,
i´ve felt like it never ends,
now i get ready for the new,
i close my eyes and walk through
and all the worries
i just blow them away,
but now that i start again,
something scares oh it´s getting weird


now i see the sun it rises,
shines upon my face baby
let the spirit free our mind of all.
i´ve asked too many questions,
but still i wanna know,
how to get away from here,
come with me or say no