Hold now

you play for so long now
and still the game goes on somehow,
but will you ever get to see,
the dream behind the walls of mystery,
i saw your picture in the news today,
your eyes are tellin me you´re far away,
you´re not the one that i used to know is it just a show.

you´re so cold now and the deeper you get,
you lose your hold somehow,
one day you´ll regret,
you are so cold now and your life´s just a trip
you´ve lost your hold by now,
why wont you see,
i watch you change, it´s your destiny

i can remember when we met one day
you came across and got nothing to say
on the outside you look fine,
but on the inside you are dying.
i`ve watched the ground of your soul by night,
and you can´t tell that everthing´s all right
and still i´m staring at your face again,
it´s all for the fame


are you afraid oh watch yourself my darling,
why are you scared to know,
that it´s me who can see through you baby
it´s all for the show