Destroy my agony

i´ve got troubles in my head,
and this shit drives me really mad,
everything i´ve done and said,
reoccurs deep in my head
then i hear voices and i scream,
i think you don´t know what i mean,
but the tic i can´t supress
and when it hits me it´s a mess.

it takes control and i can say nothing
it takes control and i lose my soul
i can´t explain but i feel that it conquers
so come with me and feel with me

destroy my agony come destroy my agony

i lie awake late at night,
toss and turn from side to side,
put my hands on my ears,
but it still don´t disappears
all the remarks and all the pain,
come like a shockwave to my brain,
i ´m in conflict with myself,
all i hear are ringing bells



i can´t feel myself now - so come and save me